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Compact Utility Tractors for sale at Farm Equipment Sales

Sep 27, 2017, 09:39 AM

A John Deere compact utility tractor is a great tool to have around your farm or property. These small-but-mighty pieces of equipment can make any job a breeze. We have a huge selection of John Deere compact utility tractors at any of our Farm Equipment Sales locations.

The John Deere compact utility tractor can come with up to 66 horsepower. Whether it’s the 1 Series or the 4 Series, there is a compact utility tractor for you!

Compact utility tractors are perfect for one to five acres of land. With the right attachments, a John Deere compact utility tractor can get any job done quickly!

From mower decks to box blades to snow removal equipment, there is a John Deere implement for the job. With an iMatch Quick Hitch, putting on and taking off implements is as quick and easy as it comes!

When you’re choosing your John Deere compact utility tractor, our sales team will ensure that you have the implements you need for the job at hand. We will guide you in how to attach, detach and reattach implements before you leave the lot!

Farm Equipment Sales has plenty of options when it comes to selecting your John Deere compact utility tractor and its attachments. Give one of our salesmen a call today or give one of our four locations a call. We’d love to help you find your way to the perfect piece of John Deere equipment! (406) 228-2496. 

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